Conscious leadership coaching for creative executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Coaching that builds emotional intelligence to create clarity, flow & meaningful impact at work & in life.


Conscious Leadership Development.

Conscious leadership is an approach that emphasizes emotional intelligence, authenticity and a heightened level of awareness when it comes to decision making, communication and the impact leaders have on teams, organisations, relationships and themselves.

When we purposely develop a conscious leadership style in both professional and personal realms, it significantly impacts our ability to have meaningful impact and reach our goals and objectives.

At the centre of conscious leadership lies a focus on emotional and social intelligence which entails developing self awareness, self regulation, self motivation (& resilience), social awareness and social facility (the ability to have effective interactions with others). When we regularly work on maintaining and improving these skills, our ability to manage and grow from challenges and transitions exponentially increases.

With a focus on emotional and social intelligence, Amelia coaches creative executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to develop their unique form of conscious leadership and have meaningful impact.


Holistic Leaders by nature.

Holistic leadership is an approach that recognises the interconnectedness of various dimensions of a leader’s life and seeks to nurture a whole, integrated person. Holistic leaders are not only proficient in their professional roles but are well-rounded individuals capable of navigating the complexities of work and life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Sustainability and ecosystem health are key concepts when it comes to a thriving planet. They are also equally applicable to us as human beings, professionals and creatives. We all have our own personal ecosystem that is complex, unique and constantly under stress from external and internal forces. In order to thrive, we need to utilise and develop our built-in intelligence and resilience to experiment, learn and adapt to new experiences, just like ecosystems do in the natural world.

Through working with Amelia, clients explore their own personal ecosystems and strategise on how to make them as healthy as possible to flourish as holistic leaders.

““Amelia is the best coach I have ever worked with. She helped me navigate an extremely challenging business transition and was instrumental in converting my anxiety and doubt into strength and clarity. She has an extraordinary ability to focus her clients and keep them on track for growth. She also understands the intricate balance between professional and personal health. She is a critical component to my success and I am grateful for our relationship. My experience with her has led me to regularly recommend the value of coaching, especially with Amelia!”


CEO + Founder

Meet Amelia

Drawing on her expertise in corporate leadership, emotional intelligence, ecological conservation and entrepreneurship, Amelia has a unique conscious leadership coaching approach.

With seven years coaching experience with professionals from companies like Google, Spotify, Gap Inc, Airbnb, Droga5, Buck, Asana, Sotheby’s and BBDO, she has strong credentials in helping her clients to work through their challenges fortuitously and grow authentically.

Amelia is a certified Conscious Leadership & Executive Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a certified EQ assessor (EQAC) with the Emotional Intelligence Network, Six Seconds. Amelia works with clients virtually and is based out of New York and Sydney, Australia.

“Amelia Kruse is the executive coach you need if you're looking to level up in your field. As a creative, she taught me how to manage the daunting task of matching my creative spirit with an ability to lead teams and grow my business. I felt emotionally irresponsible with my leadership skills before working with Amelia, and now I have the tool kit to respond to any business challenge with grace. I would not have grown so quickly if not for Amelia and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to be the best version of themselves”.


Chief Creative Officer