Amelia is a Certified Leadership Coach helping creative professionals and entrepreneurs transform from creatives into creative leaders.

As life gets more complicated and responsibilities increase, it can seem near impossible to be as creative and inspired as you know you can be. Teams are ever-changing, clients are elusive, budgets get more complex, investors want more growth, personal lives get taken over by never-ending to-do lists and when you do have a moment of quiet, you start questioning yourself and the meaning of it all.

Amelia navigates you through these overwhelming waters to not only reclaim your creativity but catalyze your growth as a creative leader. Through developing self-awareness, empathy, confidence, compassion for yourself and others, effective listening and communication skills, and the ability to manage emotions and relationships, Amelia will guide you to find and practice your unique form of creative leadership.

Amelia will help you to tap into your innate strengths and underlying values, passions and motivations in order to build authenticity in thought and action. She will work with you to challenge long-standing assumptions, identify and eradicate blind spots, and illuminate fresh perspectives to remove identity blockers and find your path forward as a creative leader.

Amelia is an intuitive and compassionate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Certified EQ Assessor with Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network. She has worked with entrepreneurs and freelancers in advertising, branding, design, publishing/media, real estate, fashion, and finance, and clients from Google, Joan, The Participation Agency, Calvin Klein and Wednesday Agency. She is based in New York and works with creative professionals and entrepreneurs globally.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”
— Albert Einstein

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