Emotions are just energy and energy never lasts in the same form forever. It takes on average two hours for anger to fully dissipate and that’s if we don’t keep fueling the fire by being angry with the fact that we are angry.

Emotions are the most natural part of being human and a moment doesn’t go by when we are not feeling something. If you are experiencing an unwanted emotion, like anger often is, the quickest way to stop being in that emotional state is to let it carry out its term. Try letting go of the need to feel different immediately. If you can endure the unpleasantness with self-compassion and without projecting your anger onto another, the unpleasantness will be over sooner than if you fight it.

Try not to be angry for yourself for being angry, that just fuels the fire. Let yourself feel the rage and frustration so the energy can dissipate instead of refuel and linger.

Amelia Kruse is a Certified Leadership Coach based in New York working with professionals and entrepreneurs globally.