We get so caught up in our days with all the things on our plate that we often find ourselves running on autopilot. And while we may feel we are being efficient in this state, it actually causes us to lose vital information our mind and body are trying to share with us. We forget what’s most important, we make choices we regret, and we become absent-minded in our interactions with others.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to re-center by taking a breath and asking yourself, ‘what’s truly important here and how do I want to show up?’. And these moments can slot into your day how you choose – on your drive to work, in the coffee shop line, walking into a meeting, in the bathroom stall or all of the above. The more the better!

Make room for a moment of reflection today. All it takes is one conscious breath to center yourself and remember what’s important.

Amelia Kruse is a Certified Leadership Coach based in New York working with professionals and entrepreneurs globally.