Coaching Client Testimonials

“Amelia is the best coach I have ever worked with. She helped me navigate an extremely challenging business transition and was instrumental in converting my anxiety and doubt into strength and clarity. She has an extraordinary ability to focus her clients and keep them on track for growth. She also understands the intricate balance between professional and personal health. She is a critical component to my success and I am grateful for our relationship. My experience with her has led me to regularly recommend the value of coaching, especially with Amelia!”


CEO + Founder
'From the very beginning of my journey with Amelia, I realized that her approach was distinct, transformative, and specifically tailored to my unique role as the chief creative at a web3 venture studio. Her prowess as a coach is undeniable; however, it's the perfect blend of expertise and adaptability that sets Amelia apart.
One might assume that an expert will simply impart their wisdom. But with Amelia, she guided me to unearth my own wisdom, helping me to devise a framework that was both personal and potent. This wasn't just a one-time lesson; this framework has become an integral part of my professional toolkit. Whenever I encounter uncertainty or feel misaligned, I lean on this framework, and it consistently provides clarity and direction.
But the magic of Amelia's coaching doesn't stop at our one-on-one sessions. Incredibly, the ripple effect of our work together extended beyond my own perceptions. My colleagues began to recognize and appreciate the changes and evolutions in my leadership style and approach, confirming that the progress wasn't just in my head. This organic feedback from my team was a testament to the tangible impact of Amelia's coaching.
To say that I am grateful for Amelia's guidance would be an understatement. Her ability to balance expert insights with a flexible, agnostic approach, considering the nuances of my role and the future vision of my career, is nothing short of extraordinary. Working with Amelia wasn't just about achieving short-term goals; it was about crafting a sustainable and meaningful career trajectory.
Thank you, Amelia, for illuminating the path, empowering me to tread confidently, and ensuring that every step is anchored in purpose and authenticity.


Chief Creative Officer
“Amelia Kruse is the executive coach you need if you're looking to level up in your field. As a creative, she taught me how to manage the daunting task of matching my creative spirit with an ability to lead teams and grow my business. I felt emotionally irresponsible with my leadership skills before working with Amelia, and now I have the tool kit to respond to any business challenge with grace. I would not have grown so quickly if not for Amelia and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to be the best version of themselves”


Chief Creative Officer
“Three months of coaching sessions with Amelia gave me insights about myself and my leadership style that would have otherwise taken years to understand.
When I started working with her, I had just been promoted into management and my own manager/mentor had stepped out for maternity leave. Having the space to troubleshoot immediate situations while also taking a longer and more introspective look at myself and what I could bring to leadership was immensely helpful; it’s highly possible I would have quit management in the first year without it. I reference notes from our sessions almost weekly and feel more confident about leading from my own personal values.”


Art Director
“Working with Amelia was a truly transformational experience. She really helped me through some big questions and pushed me to reframe my thinking so I could approach life in new ways. Rather than addressing each problem directly with straightforward action items, she challenged my assumptions and guided me to understand my goals and motivations at a deeper level.
I evaluated a handful of different coaches and Amelia really stood out with her ability to adapt her coaching style to my particular way of thinking. Some other coaches had a what felt like a prescriptive plan or curriculum, but Amelia just actually listened to me for a full hour to get to know me and what I was struggling with, and asked provocative questions that helped break me out of my bad cycles.
Amelia was also just an overall pleasure to work with, always flexible on scheduling, never late to appointments, and on call when I needed her advice with something. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”


Co-Founder + CTO
“Working with Amelia was life-changing. Not only did she guide me to clarity and purpose, she held me accountable to those goals along the way. She helped me unlock my potential and avoid ever-present saboteurs. But most importantly, her ability to listen and provide much-needed perspective and insight led me to identify what I wanted to achieve, and how to achieve it.
Career-wise, I was in limbo. Through our conversations and introspection, we mapped out a plan for balancing financial and fulfillment goals in the creative world. Above all, she was a joy to talk to and to see every week, making self-improvement (usually a painful process for me) a fun, inspiring, and motivating experience. While the journey is never fully complete, Amelia has armed me with the tools to become the best version of myself.”


Creative Strategist + Entrepreneur
“I have worked with Amelia for over a year. Her guidance and support have led to unprecedented positive growth in my life. Before working with Amelia, I felt unfulfilled in my career and unsure about my next steps. Amelia helped me clarify my goals, reflect on my values, and create a detailed action plan. Through our work together, I found my calling and have returned to school to pursue a new field. I am excited about my new career and wake up inspired each morning.
Amelia is intuitive and a fantastic listener. She shares anecdotes and metaphors that effectively bridge our discussions and my own life experiences. Without her unwavering kindness and commitment to my success, I could not have achieved the tremendous growth that I have realized over the last year. Amelia and I talk weekly, and during and after each meeting, I feel energized and prepared, with a clear game plan for the following week. I am thrilled with the results of my work with Amelia and look forward to continued growth and success in the future.”


Fashion Designer
“I had the privilege of working with Amelia from May 2020 to February 2021. At the time, I was struggling in a high-intensity, fast-paced, toxic corporate job. When we started, Amelia helped me navigate through debilitating stress, a demoralized mindset, and a dysfunctional relationship with my boss. An expert at finding the calm in chaos, Amelia knew exactly how to encourage me to recognize my self-worth and dignity in a bad situation. She gave me tools to break through difficult team dynamics, suggested communication techniques to try, and boosted my confidence in my skills and ability to succeed.
Amelia helped me follow my passion into the creative space and guided me toward an entrepreneurial future that I feared and didn't know how to envision. She is an astute listener, exceptionally organized and always ready to jump into a session without wasting any time. I loved how often she recalled points that were made in previous sessions and built on them. It created a sense of progression and cohesion in our work together. I appreciated how well she could grasp and unpack my particular set of circumstances and remain completely judgment-free every time we spoke. I always walked away from our conversations feeling stronger and more enlightened. Her positive energy is infectious! It's why I've come back and will start working with Amelia again in 2024.”


Sustainability Manager
“I've recently completed Amelia's 3 month program and it's been one of the best investments I've made in myself and my career. Her thoughtful, centered approach is grounded in her extensive knowledge and understanding of business, creativity and human nature. Her ability to listen and hold space while you find your way ensures that each session is tailored entirely to you and you're now armed with effective tools and practices to apply in your day to day life.
Add to this Amelia's intuitive nature and warm sense of humour and even the most insurmountable challenges become solvable, presenting new opportunities and goals. I have no doubt that I will return whenever I need help to reframe or reset, in fact I look forward to it!”


Senior Designer
“Working with Amelia kickstarted a significant shift in not only how I approach my career, but also how I approach my life more broadly. She helped me take a critical and compassionate look at certain anxieties I was carrying and guided me through exercises that brought me out of anxious mental spirals and into a way of seeing the world that is more open and generous, all with an empathetic and attuned approach that put me at ease immediately.
The results in my work life have been nothing short of phenomenal. The mental shifts that have started to become second nature have accelerated my professional growth to levels I hadn’t thought possible. I left our meetings feeling highly motivated and capable of tackling whatever challenge I might encounter next. I highly value the work we have done together and can’t recommend working with Amelia enough!”


Senior Designer
“Working with Amelia over the last year has been a truly transformational experience - not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life. Her kind and calm disposition set the stage to have an open conversation, and her ability to gently probe and reframe questions leads to deep reflection that unlocks growth.
“Amelia is the type of coach that deeply understands who you are and where you want to go, and will provide you with the resources and tools to get there. She has helped me shift habits, reframe thought patterns, and define my growth path in my career - all while ensuring I stay authentic to myself. I've left every session with her feeling more inspired, confident and determined to achieve my goals with a toolkit we formed together. If you are looking for meaningful change in your life, work with Amelia - I cannot recommend her highly enough!”


Senior Manager
“My goal was always to spend my life building things and starting companies. However, up until I started working with Amelia, I couldn’t seem to follow through on any of my projects. Amelia helped me work through the resistance following my own path. She helped me connect with my intuition, ignore the things I “should" be doing, stop worrying if I was doing the “right” thing, and find my own way. After a year of working with Amelia I have two apps in the App Store, one in beta, and am developing ideas for a deep tech company." ”


Tech Entrepreneur
“I have been working with Amelia for 6 months and, in that short timeframe, she has helped me grow tremendously as a leader. With her guidance, I have been able to improve my communication, confidence, and ability to manage difficult situations.
I think her approach to coaching is fantastic and encourages an open conversation that helps tie everything together, whether it’s in business, personal life, or anything else. We spent a lot of time getting clarity on my unique style, opportunities, and challenges, and then created a plan for me to grow in a way that was authentic to who I was. I really appreciated that she challenged me but at the same time didn’t try to make me into a person I wasn’t or prescribe me one-size-fits-all suggestions.”


Vice President, Business Operations
"My coaching sessions with Amelia were truly transformative. Through our work together I was able to achieve my stated goals and gain additional insights that have already transformed my interactions with clients and colleagues.
Together, we focused on my key leadership strengths and approaching every interaction through the lens of those traits. The process was illuminating and definitely set me up for next-level success. Amelia is an amazingly perceptive person with an old soul who I felt entirely comfortable delving into the deep with. She was the best part and I am so grateful to have had her in my life”


Senior Creative Producer
“Working with Amelia was truly an eye opening experience. I began looking for a coach to help me decide on a new career path — I was feeling unfulfilled in my current job, and wanted to find a new direction. From our first conversation, it was clear that working with Amelia was going to be offer more than just career coaching. She asked penetrative questions that helped me reframe the issues I was working through and approach them with a clarity I had been missing. Amelia helped me step outside myself and see a vision of my future that I was excited to work towards. Working with her was invaluable — I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Content Producer
“Working with Amelia was a transformative experience. Her holistic approach to coaching, particularly her focus on EQ, positively impacted not only my professional life, but my personal as well. She was a stabilizing force and helped me navigate large institutional changes while developing leadership skills and honing future goals. The insights and tools I gained from our conversations have stayed with and continue to benefit me, and I am ever so grateful for the expertise and encouragement she shared.”


Chief of Design
“I would highly recommend Amelia as a coach - she is thoughtful, caring and inspiring. The work we were able to do together was truly transformational and invaluable - even a year later, I still go back and reference our work together when I am having a hard time making a difficult decision. Before working with Amelia, I was very much overwhelmed with the conflicting priorities, projects and values in my life and looking for a quick "fix" to it all. Through her compassionate and nurturing approach, Amelia helped me build the foundation that I needed to clear away the fog and the courage I needed to live a life that was authentic to my values. Lastly, I also appreciated Amelia's professionalism and adaptability to meet each individual client's needs”


Consultant - Marketing, Branding, Product
“Amelia worked with me at a pivotal time in my life and business. I was undergoing a seismic shift and she helped give me mental tools to overcome my fears, insecurities and blocks. She helped me discover what was getting in my way, and more importantly, what I truly value. She was an incredibly great listener and sounding board for all topics. Months later, I still go back to my notes from our sessions to reorient myself with my values and goals.”


Brand Studio Founder + Copywriter
“Working with Amelia has been an absolute joy. Over the past 3 months - I've made massive shifts in my life thanks to Amelia's support in helping me process complex thoughts and events. I've found a new sense of clarity and joy, leaning into more things that bring energy and excitement. And leaving behind things that drain my energy thanks to Amelia's ability to coach from a holistic perspective. When I found her, I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to prioritize or how to organize the many aspects of my business/life. Amelia was able to quickly help me sort out the pieces and gently guided me along the way, so that I could take the steps I needed to make forward progress and up-level.”


Digital Product Designer
“Perhaps it's her calming demeanor, or her thoughtful leadership style that bring a unique balance of skill, efficiency, and empathy to Amelia's coaching program. Amelia's philosophy, coaching format, and experience combine for an exceptionally effective toolkit of growth and development. Amelia and I began working together at a time when I was questioning choices... concerned about the "right" priorities for my life, spiritual, personal and professional. In just a few sessions, Amelia and I uncovered a number of habits, thoughts, and feelings that (when fine-tuned) led to meaningful breakthroughs in my life: one being a job promotion, the other rediscovering my purpose”


Managing Director
“Working with Amelia was one of the best decisions I've made for my professional and personal development. In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, she's given me incredible tools and resources that I've already put to use and have seen the results. I'm confident they will be invaluable going forward and would highly recommend her (and already have)”


Senior Brand Strategist
“Coaching with Amelia has set a precedent for how I'd like to continue to live my life and for my journey of self-growth. Amelia was the first coach I have ever worked with. From my first meeting to my last with Amelia, I always felt extremely comfortable. She had a way of challenging me to think without making me feel intimidated. She presented me with several exercises and questions that made it easy to feel my accomplishments and improvements. I completed her 3-month series and during that time I was able to focus on my goal-setting and interpreting a future-forward view of my life. Amelia held me accountable and helped me to build a tool book that I will reference for many years to come.”


Accounts + Project Manager
“Amelia is one of the best listeners I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. She asked insightful questions and took great notes during our sessions which helped me un-tangle my thoughts and helped me plot a path towards improvement. The approach that Amelia takes to coaching is unique. I noticed often that she didn’t jump to offering solutions on each item that I shared with her but waited patiently to help me see broader underlying patterns that led to opportunities for holistic improvement. Amelia showed up to each session with rich context from previous sessions and absolute attention to me and what I wanted to share. Thank you, Amelia, for working with me and helping me find a better version of myself!”


“I got the pleasure to get to know Amelia's skillset over the course of 3 months, and within that short time frame my work outlook and output grew exponentially. Together we created goals both short and long-term, and through a variety of conversations and exercises we were able to create a path of success. I would not be the person I am today without her, I have already recommended her to friends.”


Senior Producer
“Amelia understood me as a person and an employee immediately. In each session, she worked with me to develop techniques for managing my workplace anxieties and seeing myself for the creative individual I am. Every time we met, Amelia was warm and helpful, and I always left feeling rejuvenated and equipped with action items that were realistic, personalized, and useful for fighting the specter of imposter syndrome. I would recommend Amelia to anyone who is looking for career coaching; her empathy and expertise make her one of a kind!”


Operations Manager
“I sought Amelia’s assistance with a few complex management issues that had me stumped. She quickly helped me to organize my thoughts, and encouraged me to think outside of the box that I was in. With her help, I found the best solution for each issue, invariably a solution that I had not previously considered. The bottom line is that Amelia improved my region’s productivity and morale, and for that, I am grateful. I continue to work with her because her techniques work, because she always leads me to a successful solution. If you are struggling with a seemingly unsolvable issue, Amelia should be your coach. She will guide you to success, and save you both time and money in the process”


“Amelia came into my life at the exact right moment. The company I worked for was closing and I was looking to transition to a new career, while not entirely sure what that new career would be. She was instrumental in helping me get focused, stay organized and optimistic, as well as grow my confidence. She has the ability to both push and give reassurance, when I’m feeling overwhelmed or unsure of myself. I am more insightful, more in touch with what I want out of life, and more prepared to go after it because of her.”


Freelance Writer
“After my initial meeting with Amelia, it was clear she was the ideal fit for what I needed. Amelia is a bad ass, she’s incredibly intelligent and wise, but she’s also warm. Trust was very easily established and her insight highly valued. Amelia truly cares about her clients and it’s evident in all that she does. If given the opportunity to work with Amelia, do it.”


Creative Director
“I loved working with Amelia, her approach to coaching was exactly what I needed and I've had fantastic results. Amelia helped me find techniques that work for me and they have become default now. It really is a continual process, to keep growing, keep investing in myself. It has made me so positive and excited about future opportunities and understanding the importance of living to your optimal, self love and authenticity. I feel one of the best parts is seeing how much I've changed and grown through our sessions and that it has truly impacted my life for the better”


Senior Designer + Creative Director
“Amelia is a powerful listener and consistently interprets what my words mean with only my best interest in mind. She asks thoughtful and thorough questions with a very nurturing and calm demeanor allowing the conversation to easily flow. She makes everyone feel instantly comfortable and heard, which never goes unnoticed!”


Project Manager
“Before working with Amelia I was struggling with focus, planning and mostly a big career and life transition. I am going from a big corporate career into motherhood and realizing that that life wasn't working so well for me anymore. My ego was hurt and I was unable to feel empowered and purposeful. In coaching with Amelia I was able to gain deep clarity, actionable habits and make new important realizations. I truly don't think I ever could have achieved this on my own. The insights, new skills, tools and regained confidence have left me feeling so much better and all the while have shifted my mindset to a new place of fulfillment. I see my future much brighter. I'm no longer stressed about where my life is headed and feel fully on target for success.
I would highly recommend Amelia and her coaching for anyone experiencing a life or career transition. The effect of her coaching has dramatically improved my trajectory in a very positive way. I find her kind, intuitive coaching style was just the help I needed to move forward in my transition while feeling fully supported. The experience has been great and I wholeheartedly believe she can truly benefit anyone who engages her services”


“Amelia is an inspiring and engaging coach. She has a unique ability to put you at ease during a coaching session. Within minutes she will have you reflecting on what you’re doing and gently assisting you to come up with solutions and actions plans is something that I value each time we speak.”


Assistant Vice President
“Amelia really masters the most powerful and impacting skills of being a proficient coach: she listens with great care and compassion; she has an exceptional level of awareness and presence in the moment, and, last but not least, she brings to her client very powerful questions that awakens his perception of the things he's got to see and face.”


Senior Executive