Leadership Coaching Services

Deepen your emotional intelligence to become a flourishing leader at work and in life.

Amelia’s coaching style

Amelia has a holistic approach that focuses on the development of the individual’s personal ecosystem. Drawing heavily on theories of emotional intelligence and expertise in the ecology of the natural world, Amelia has a unique style that helps her clients unlock their innate strengths, tap into their underlying values and motivations and build the resilience and creativity to reach their potential.

What does a session look like?

In each session we start with defining our focus and what you want to get out of our time together. We spend time deepening your understanding of your specific experiences and what you see as your obstacles to moving forward. My role as a coach is to employ active listening which is my way of experiencing what you are experiencing whilst keeping a broad view to illuminate fresh perspectives. I will interject with powerful questioning and intuitive thoughts. I will challenge any assumptions and negative biases I hear and reflect observations back to you to broaden your thinking and open your mind.

As a coach, I will challenge and stretch you in a way that only an objective, unbiased professional can. I will be your support system every step of the way, encouraging you but also keeping you accountable to your progress. I won’t give you the answers to your questions but instead guide and empower you to come up with your own solutions and support you to execute them. There is never any judgement, always complete confidentiality and without a doubt some big ‘aha’ moments along the way.

Between sessions, you will work on your determined action steps and will also have access to multiple assessments as needed in order to unlock further knowledge and potential. Developing self-awareness and working through transitions authentically doesn’t happen overnight but with time and dedication, they will happen.

How it works

step one

Schedule your complimentary 45 min introductory session. In this call you will:

  • Get a feel for how Amelia coaches
  • Talk through your challenges and goals
  • Hear more details on pricing tiers and logistics.

step two

After our call, if you decide to work with Amelia, you will begin an initial coaching engagement. This usually runs for three months and consists of:

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions typically held over the zoom or phone
  • Assessments and customized action-steps between sessions
  • Access to Amelia via email or text between sessions for support

step three

Upon completing an initial engagement, clients tend to move forward in one of three ways:

  • Continue on a retainer consisting of weekly sessions and the same level of support
  • Move to a more flexible engagement – you can choose a package of any amount of sessions and book them in as you please
  • Test the waters on their own for a bit and know they can book on a session-by-session basis whenever needed

“I’ve recently completed Amelia’s 3 month program and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my career. Her thoughtful, centered approach is grounded in her extensive knowledge and understanding of business, creativity and human nature. Her ability to listen and hold space while you find your way ensures that each session is tailored entirely to you and you’re now armed with effective tools and practices to apply in your day to day life.

Add to this Amelia’s intuitive nature and warm sense of humour and even the most insurmountable challenges become solvable, presenting new opportunities and goals. I have no doubt that I will return whenever I need help to reframe or reset, in fact I look forward to it!”


Senior Designer

Group & corporate coaching

Is your company or organization looking for individual or group coaching sessions for your employees? All sessions are confidential and can include 360 assessments if requested. Post-engagement surveys can also be organized to provide the employer with an understanding of the effectiveness of the coaching. Please feel free to contact Amelia for more information on how coaching can be tailored to your company’s needs.

The benefits of coaching

Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that focuses solely on the client and their goals. It's a thought-provoking and creative process that guides and empowers clients to shift their perspectives and enhance their potential. This comprehensive process may involve all areas of life, including personal development, work and career, finances, health and wellness, relationships, education, spirituality and recreation.

Coaching is distinct from other service professions such as therapy and mentoring. It focuses not on the past, but on the roadmap from the present to the future. It's rooted in the concept that the client sets their own goals, creates outcomes and manages personal change with the support and guidance of the coach.


The benefits of coaching are unique to each client and the goals they set out to achieve. Through studies carried out by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we know that the coaching process results in a range of benefits including:

  • -Improved self-confidence and sense of well-being
  • -Better stress-management skills and increased creativity
  • -Enhanced interpersonal relationships and communication skills
  • -Increased productivity - improved work performance, business management, time management, team effectiveness
  • -Increased ability to tap into your own intuition through improved self-awareness
  • -Increased ROI: Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back from coaching programs (ICF Website)
“I have worked with Amelia for over a year. Her guidance and support have led to unprecedented positive growth in my life. Before working with Amelia, I felt unfulfilled in my career and unsure about my next steps. Amelia helped me clarify my goals, reflect on my values, and create a detailed action plan. Through our work together, I found my calling and have returned to school to pursue a new field. I am excited about my new career and wake up inspired each morning.”


Fashion Designer