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Amelia works with her clients virtually and is based in Sydney, Australia & New York. You can find her on Instagram and Substack.

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"From the very beginning of my journey with Amelia, I realized that her approach was distinct, transformative, and specifically tailored to my unique role as the chief creative at a web3 venture studio. Her prowess as a coach is undeniable; however, it's the perfect blend of expertise and adaptability that sets Amelia apart.
One might assume that an expert will simply impart their wisdom. But with Amelia, she guided me to unearth my own wisdom, helping me to devise a framework that was both personal and potent. This wasn't just a one-time lesson; this framework has become an integral part of my professional toolkit. Whenever I encounter uncertainty or feel misaligned, I lean on this framework, and it consistently provides clarity and direction.
But the magic of Amelia's coaching doesn't stop at our one-on-one sessions. Incredibly, the ripple effect of our work together extended beyond my own perceptions. My colleagues began to recognize and appreciate the changes and evolutions in my leadership style and approach, confirming that the progress wasn't just in my head. This organic feedback from my team was a testament to the tangible impact of Amelia's coaching.
To say that I am grateful for Amelia's guidance would be an understatement. Her ability to balance expert insights with a flexible, agnostic approach, considering the nuances of my role and the future vision of my career, is nothing short of extraordinary. Working with Amelia wasn't just about achieving short-term goals; it was about crafting a sustainable and meaningful career trajectory.
Thank you, Amelia, for illuminating the path, empowering me to tread confidently, and ensuring that every step is anchored in purpose and authenticity.''


Chief Creative Officer