Leadership & Executive Coaching for creative leaders & entrepreneurs in Melbourne.

Coaching that builds emotional intelligence, leadership skills & a holistic mindset to create meaningful impact at work & in life.


Leadership & Executive Coaching Melbourne


Coaching is a collaborative, thought-provoking and creative process that is forward-focused and action-oriented. Coaching is designed to support the development of individuals as they seek to unlock their potential and reach their goals and aspirations.

Executive coaching in Melbourne is traditionally for top-level, C-Suite leaders and leadership coaching is for individuals in a range of positions from VP, Director to Manager.

Amelia views Executive and leadership coaching as interchangeable. She specifically tailors the process for individual clients based on their leadership level, objectives and the challenges and responsibilities they face in their professional roles and personal lives.


Melbourne coaching style

Amelia has an empathetic and intuitive style that focuses on developing aware and integrated individuals who are adept at creating meaningful impact. Drawing on her expertise in emotional intelligence and biology, Amelia has a unique holistic approach. She helps her clients unlock their innate strengths, tap into their underlying vision, values and motivations, and build the courage, resilience and creativity to become grounded in themselves and reach their potential.

Coaching Benefits for Melbourne Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Executive and leadership coaching can have a wide range of benefits depending on the focus and scope of the experience. Amelia’s Melbourne clients have benefited in a myriad of ways including as follows:

  • Building executive or leadership presence
  • Developing effective leadership skills
  • Improving decision-making & strategic processes
  • Enhancing communication skills & inter-personal effectiveness
  • Improving resilience, adaptability & creating effective mindsets
  • Managing change, challenges & transitions
  • Navigating organizational dynamics & company cultures
  • Managing stress & building confidence
  • Effective team building & management

Melbourne Leadership & Executive Coach

Drawing on her expertise in corporate leadership, emotional intelligence, ecological conservation and entrepreneurship, Amelia has a unique holistic coaching approach.

With over six years experience with professionals from companies like Google, Droga5, Buck, Spotify, AirBnB, BBDO, Asana and Madewell, she has strong credentials in helping her clients to work through their challenges fortuitously and grow authentically.

Amelia is a certified Holistic Leadership & Executive Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a certified EQ assessor (EQAC) with the Emotional Intelligence Network, Six Seconds. Amelia works with clients virtually and is based out of Australia and New York

““Amelia Kruse is the executive coach you need if you're looking to level up in your field. As a creative, she taught me how to manage the daunting task of matching my creative spirit with an ability to lead teams and grow my business. I felt emotionally irresponsible with my leadership skills before working with Amelia, and now I have the tool kit to respond to any business challenge with grace. I would not have grown so quickly if not for Amelia and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to be the best version of themselves”


Chief Creative Officer