Life Coaching

Coaching that builds awareness, understanding, confidence & emotional intelligence to unlock authentic action and life path clarity.

Amelia’s coaching style

Amelia has an empathetic and intuitive style that focuses on developing aware and integrated individuals who are adept at creating meaningful impact. Drawing on her expertise in emotional intelligence and biology, Amelia has a unique holistic approach. She helps her clients unlock their innate strengths, tap into their underlying vision, values and motivations, and build the courage, resilience and creativity to become grounded in themselves and reach their potential.


What is life coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, thought-provoking and creative process that is forward-focused and action-oriented. It is designed to support the authentic development of individuals as they seek to gain clarity, find groundedness, and reach their goals and aspirations.

Life coaching is for anyone looking for support and guidance in finding their authentic and impactful path in life. Amelia views life coaching as a way to realise how to lead yourself in life in order to unlock your potential and focus on what truly matters to you. 

The benefits of life coaching

Life coaching can have a wide range of benefits depending on the focus and scope of the experience. Amelia’s clients have benefited in a range of ways including as follows:

  • Providing life path clarity
  • Managing stress & emotions effectively
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Building confidence & finding your voice
  • Enhancing communication skills & inter-personal effectiveness
  • Improving decision-making
  • Managing life transitions
  • Increasing wellbeing and mindfulness
  • Improving resilience, adaptability & effective mindsets
  • Creating work-life balance

What is a coaching session like?

In each session we start with defining our focus and what you want to get out of our time together. We spend time deepening your understanding of your specific experiences and what you see as your obstacles to moving forward. Part of my role as a coach is to employ active listening which is my way of experiencing what you are experiencing whilst keeping a broad view to illuminate fresh perspectives. I will interject with powerful questioning and intuitive thoughts. I will challenge any assumptions and negative biases I hear and reflect observations back to you to broaden your thinking and open your mind.

As a coach, I will challenge and stretch you in a way that only an objective, unbiased professional can. I will be your support system every step of the way, encouraging you but also keeping you accountable to your progress. I won’t give you the answers to your questions but instead guide and empower you to come up with your own solutions and support you to execute them.

Between sessions, you will work on your determined action steps and will also have access to multiple assessments as needed in order to unlock further knowledge and potential. There is never any judgement, always complete confidentiality and without a doubt some big ‘aha’ moments along the way.

How life coaching works

step one

Schedule your complimentary 45 min introductory session. In this call you will:

  • Get a feel for how Amelia coaches
  • Talk through your challenges and goals
  • Hear more details on pricing tiers and logistics.

step two

Begin an initial leadership coaching engagement. This usually runs for three months and consists of:

  • An initial profile & goals foundation to work from
  • Weekly 1hr sessions typically held over the zoom
  • Assessments & customized action-steps

step three

Upon completing an initial engagement, you can move forward in one of three ways:

  • Continue on a retainer consisting of weekly sessions & the same level of support
  • Move to a more flexible engagement – have a package of sessions & book them in as you please
  • Test the waters on your own, knowing you can book on a session-by-session basis whenever needed
“I would highly recommend Amelia as a coach - she is thoughtful, caring and inspiring. The work we were able to do together was truly transformational and invaluable - even a year later, I still go back and reference our work together when I am having a hard time making a difficult decision. Before working with Amelia, I was very much overwhelmed with the conflicting priorities, projects and values in my life and looking for a quick "fix" to it all. Through her compassionate and nurturing approach, Amelia helped me build the foundation that I needed to clear away the fog and the courage I needed to live a life that was authentic to my values. Lastly, I also appreciated Amelia's professionalism and adaptability to meet each individual client's needs”


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