Leadership in business is a hot topic these days. If you tune into Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, if you go to virtual conferences or corporate trainings, if you listen to TED talks or tap into the vast array of leadership coaches, everywhere you turn there’s discussion about leadership.

The trouble is that all this conversation can create a false division in our minds between the leaders and the followers. Either we’re in a leadership role in a company or we’re not. We’re C suite or minions. I know some people who don’t even click on leadership articles because they think, I’m not a leader. I’m not the founder of a start-up. I’m not a CEO. Some of my clients were hesitant to work with me, for fear of not being leaders in their own eyes.

That’s why the idea of Conscious Leadership is so important and forms the core philosophy of my work as a coach. Conscious leadership isn’t about being a CEO, the leader of a team, or the founder of a company. Conscious leadership is about self leadership and how you show up in the world, no matter what stage you’re at in life. It’s about how you choose to lead situations and the people around you.

Conscious leadership is an approach that emphasizes emotional intelligence, authenticity and a heightened level of awareness when it comes to decision making, communication and the impact you can have in interactions, relationships and with yourself. When we purposely develop a conscious leadership style in both professional and personal realms, it significantly impacts our ability to have meaningful impact and reach our goals and objectives.

At the centre of conscious leadership lies a focus on emotional and social intelligence which entails developing self awareness, self regulation, self motivation (& resilience), social awareness and social facility (the ability to have effective interactions with others). When we regularly work on maintaining and improving these skills, our ability to manage and grow from challenges and transitions exponentially increases.

The simple truth is that the world is in desperate need of leaders, in every facet and capacity, from entry-level assistants to executives with their photos on the wall, from mothers to fathers to coffee shop baristas. No matter who you are, leadership starts with you.